Mo-beom-saeng(Model student) or Mo-heom-saeng(Adventurer) : 모범생 or 모험생

(This posting was written in 2010)

In a radio program I had tuned into in last Saturday morning, a how-to-succeed lecturer was speaking about the status quo of current social environment in Korea, which makes least possibility to succeed.

I was working out, lifting up some weights and doing sit-ups in my room, not concentrating to the radio. Suddenly, a sentence caught my attention.

“Don’t be a Mo-beom-saeng(model student), we need young Mo-heom-saeng(Adventurer).”

In current social and economic situation, South Korea isn’t said to be a good place to start a new venture business. Since, though you have an innovative idea or a state-of-the-art techonology, current market is organized for a small company to be taken advantaged by a few conglomarates(In Korean, so called Jae-beol(재벌)), end up by taken over by them.

Several economists criticize these social situations adding that it nibbles away the sustainability and the growth potentiality our country. They end up the interview saying that we have to develop a clear and a justifiable market environment for future Korean tech-based major company such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, etc…

Being a Mo-heom-saeng(Adventurer) is really important for the country and your life as well. Mo-beom-saeng(model student)s are also important since they are the ones who manage our society. But without Mo-heom-saeng, no creation will be done, which makes innovation and gathers moneys, people and their passions into a new ocean.

As I mentioned in the prior paragraph, social and institutional strategy should be provided for adventurers to be a new leader of our society who will develop a new market and give profit back to our country.
I really wish my country to be a prosperous land, but by playing a fair game. Not only competing with other country, but also providing a domestic market which enables to paly a fair game among all companies regardless of its size or political influences.

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