What I do

I currently work as a product leader in a tech company in Amsterdam. But I didn’t start my professional career in this industry from the beginning. Since 2007, when I got my first job as an S/W engineer at Samsung Mobile HQ in S.Korea, I changed role, industry, and even the country every 2-3 years. “That looks fun!” was the biggest motive for the changes in the past and I still believe in that.

My trajectory might not look like a good/inspiring career path, but I’ve achieved a couple of life goals — things in the bucket list — throughout the journey : ‘writing/publishing a book(whatever the topic is)’ and ‘living and working abroad’, which I am proud of. Another life goal in the top of the bucket list is ‘experience working in an international organization(like the organizations under United Nations)’. I am not sure whether this goal is an achievable one or not given my age, ability and career at the moment, but this is still one of my ‘dream’ which explains a bit more about me.

I would like to use this page to list a number of things I’ve done and achieved since the graduation from the university. I would not only describe the outputs from the professional work but would also highlight some personal projects as well. For more ‘professional’ CV, please take a look into my LinkedIn profile.

Please click each link below to find detailed stories (no link = writing-in-progress πŸ˜€ )

Professional works

  • Group Product Manager – Carrier Growth, sennder – Jan 2023~ (Amsterdam)
  • Head of Product, Dillyhub – Apr 2021~Nov 2022 (Amsterdam)
  • Product manager, Booking.com – Aug 2017~Mar 2021 (Amsterdam)
  • Head of Payment (Principal Product Owner/Senior Manager), Coupang – 2017 (Seoul)
  • Senior Product Owner in Fintech Business/Systems, Coupang – 2015-2016 (Seoul)
  • Regional Product Manager in Latin America Marketing team, Samsung Mobile – 2013~2014 (Seoul, S.Korea)
  • Product Manager in Product Strategy team, Samsung Mobile – 2010~2012 (Seoul, S.Korea)
  • S/W engineer in S/W Platform team, Samsung Mobile – 2007~2010 (Seoul, S.Korea)

Personal works

Voluntary works


Media appearance